I know we all hated pop quizzes,they were so random. Here are some fun quiz questions that don't require any studying!  


1) Who was our principal?
Kathie Pierce
Dennis Cromer
Alf Logan
Larry Brandis
2) What time did our school day typically end?

3) What teacher did NOT sing in the annual holiday pageant?
Mr. Adamowski
Mr. Lewis
Mrs. Casey
Mr. Hershey
4) What was the reason that the class of 1998's graduation ceremony was threatened to be canceled?
There was not enough graduates
Rumors that students were going to streak during the ceremony
A group of students vandalized the school campus
The seniors stole the principal's car

5) What was the name of Fenton's Fall play senior year?
An Evening of One Acts
Hello Dolly
Bye-Bye Birdie
Ten Little Indians
6) What was the title of the yearbook senior year?
On the Fast Track
Serving it up
Worth Waiting For...
Fenton's Finest